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2-Day Pistol Gunfighter

3T’s 2 day Pistol Gunfighter course is not about shooting – it’s about learning how to fight for your life with a pistol.  Whether law enforcement, military, or armed civilian, our Pistol Gunfighter course will enhance your skills when utilizing the pistol in a deadly force encounter.

Pistol Gunfighter is a 20-hour, 2-day course that strongly focuses upon perfecting the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship and perfecting weapon manipulations.  Students will continually be pushed to be as fast as possible while always maintaining a 100% accuracy standard.

While we would prefer that everyone use a pistol during this class, revolvers are certainly permitted without issue.  Regardless of the handgun you bring to the class, we’ll teach you how to better fight with it. 

Pistol Gunfighter Prerequisite:  A prior pistol class with 3T, or a pistol class with a known and reputable instructor.  NRA Basic Handgun does not meet the prerequisite standard for this course.


  • 7 Fundamentals of Handgun Marksmanship
  • Threat Discrimination
  • Weapon Manipulations – Making Ready, Reloading, and Malfunction Clearing will be very heavily emphasized throughout the entire course
  • Fundamentals of Concealed Carry
  • One handed drawing, shooting, reloading, and malfunction clearing
  • Alternative / unorthodox shooting positions
  • Distance shooting – engaging with the pistol at 50 yardsand beyond
  • Multiple threat engagement
  • Pivots and facing movements
  • Drawing / shooting from a vehicle
  • Low light exercises.  We will do multiple low light exercises at the end of Day 1
  • Introduction to shooting on the move – when, and why to do it.
  • An in depth lecture on proper pistol and gear selection will be offered at the conclusion of Day 2

Note:  All students will perform low light exercises with both hand held and pistol mounted lights.   Weapon mounted pistol lights will be loaned to those students who do not have a pistol light.


  • A serviceable pistol in a minimum caliber of 9mm, or a serviceable revolver with a minimum caliber of .38 special.
  • A minimum of 1,000 rounds of ball ammunition.
  • A minimum of three magazines if using a pistol.  A minimum of five speed loaders if using a revolver.  The more magazines / speed loaders, the better.   NOTE:  If you are bringing a M1911 to this class, you must bring at least five functional, high quality magazines.  It is VERY strongly recommended that all shooters bring a minimum of five magazines.
  • A strong, sturdy belt that can support the weight of a loaded handgun and several spare magazines. (A $3.99 Made In Taiwan belt from Wal-Mart is not going to work.)
  • A duty holster if law enforcement / military, or a good, quality kydex (plastic) holster if attending in plainclothes / civilian attire.  Leather and nylon holsters are not permitted.  All holsters will be worn on the shooters strong side hip - no exceptions.
  • Note:  Blackhawk Serpa holsters are not permitted during this course.
  • A quality hand held LED flashlight with a minimum lumen output of 200 lumens.  If using a rechargeable flashlight, please ensure the light is fully charged before coming to the range.  If using a battery-operated flashlight, bring extra batteries.
  • Eye and ear protection.


Cost: $350, payable below or over the phone. Please read below for our cancellation and refund policy.

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In accordance with ITAR regulations, only United States citizens will be accepted into 3T classes.

All classes end with a night shoot on day 1.  The class hour vary upon time of year.  You will be notified of the class hours specific to your class approximately 2 weeks before the class. Range locations are subject to change.


  • Any customer who has registered for a course, or has made a down payment on a course, can cancel their registration or down payment and receive a full refund if 3T is contacted no less than 60 days prior to the start of the course.
  • If a customer cannot attend a course they have registered for, and there are less than 30 days before the start of the course, the customer will be allowed to reschedule for any of the same courses remaining on the schedule.  Even if the class the customer chooses to reschedule to is full, the customer will be allowed to attend that class. 
  • If 3T must cancel a course all customers who have signed up for, or made a down payment for, the cancelled course have two options to choose from:
  1. Customers can receive a 100% refund.
  2. Customers can reschedule to a later course of their choice.  Customers who choose this option will be compensated with a gift certificate good for one free day of training, redeemable at any 3T class of their choice.  Even if a course is full, the customer will be allowed to attend the course they choose. The gift certificate can be used to attend a 1 day course free of charge, to receive a 50% discount on any 2 day course, or to receive a 33% discount on any 3 day course.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact 3T at info@3riverstraining.com or 412-925-0818 prior to registering for any course.